Oh no! I have to write something about myself? What is this, a job application? A post for a dating site?? Ok…fine. Here goes. My name is Keith and I love long walks….

Truth be told, I’m a pretty simple fella.  I happen to love movies and like talking so I thought why not combine the two??? My video camera was collecting dust so I decided to start blogging.

I believe we all have an opinion and this is my opportunity to share mine. We may agree, we may disagree, but that’s the fun part. I see over 150 movies a year in the theatre and feel I have a pretty good grasp on cinema.

I also love sports. All sports…well most sports. I’m not a huge fan of golf. I do love the  CFL, NFL, NHL, MLB, European soccer, MLS, NCAA, WWE, MMA…..well…you get the picture.

And technology? Well I consider myself a cool geek so I am pretty sure we can review some different products.

I am very excited to share my thoughts with you!

Please feel free to reach out to me as I’d love to hear from you. Want me to review a movie? Get my opinion on something in sports? Discuss a new gadget? Just ask.

Until then….I’ll see you at the movies!