These are the 5 movies to avoid at all costs!

#5. Hot Pursuit
Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara together? That sounds like fun? It wasn’t.

#4. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimensions
I really liked this series but this installment was just insulting. If you have seen the other movies this one simply recycles old ideas and doesn’t give the audience anything new. This installment killed the series.

#3. Legend
I saw 35 movies at TIFF this past year and while I didnt love them all only one of them sucked and that was Legend. Tom Hardy playing the Kray brothers! Tom Hardy in a double roll! How exciting! No, it wasn’t. What was exciting was how happy the audience was when this piece of crap was finished!

#2. The Green Inferno
Just after seeing Eli Roth’s ‘Knock, Knock’ I had high hopes for this movie. Instead I got a boring gore fest with really no point. I am sure Mr. Roth was trying to deliver a message to his audience, the message I got…This Movie Sucks.

The Worst Movie of 2015

#1. Hot Tub Time Machine 2
When I am on my deathbed and I look back on my life I will think of the hour and a half I spent watching this epic fail and wish for it back. This movie was stupid and for the actors it was the ultimate paycheck movie. This movie has no redeeming qualities and is just nonsensical. The actors involed need to fire their agents as they failed them all by letting them be involved with this movie.